10 Things About Me....

1. My name is Della Parsons, I was born in Bristol but now live in East Yorkshire and am 5ft 3 (and 3/4s) tall - no matter how hard I tried I never made my ideal height of 5ft 5 - without the aid of killer heels!

2. I went straight to work from school and have worked mainly on the techy side of the broadcasting industry but have also worked in a Dry Cleaners, as a Waitress, a Chalet Host and Resort Manager for a ski company and for 2 years was an Image Consultant

3. Always up for a challenge, I've run the London Marathon and had a bash at pot-holing, white water rafting, rock-climbing, gliding, parachuting, para-penting, ice-climbing, skiing & ski-mountaineering, scuba-diving and generally I like anything that scares the living-daylights out of myself! I have the bruises to prove it

4. Favourite book - Pride and Prejudice, favourite film - Ocean's Eleven (although depending on my mood it might be The Thomas Crown Affair)

5. I'm a keen 'have-a-go' DIY-er.  In 2008, my summer holiday was a Plastering course in Bradford! I virtually live in B&Q

6. Painting is my "thing"....Be it walls, woodwork or pictures

7. ...is my lucky number.  Although come to think of it I'm not sure it has ever actually been lucky for me but I'm confident one day it will be

8. I'm an optimist

9. I like to cook and like to eat...a lot. Both preferably accompanied with a large glass of red wine

10. Since signing up to take part in the Clipper 09/10 Round the World Yacht Race, I've fallen in love......with sailing