Leg 3 Day 20 - 20th December

It was a starry, starry night on night watch and with the sails up we are making good ground. The first quarter-moon was up and looking very orange,  and it was lovely to be helming by stars again – even if they did keep disappearing behind cloud! We whiled away the hours by writing the scenes and script for our boat Nativity. It would be based around the actual Nativity but featuring Baby Arthur, a 6ft 9 inch tall and bearded Mary, three wise crew members bearing gifts of winch grease, hanks and WD40 and a wandering Nubian Giraffe there were some subtle differences!

I woke up to the sound of the sails being dropped and the engine going on – a beautiful sunny  (light-winded) day. However as soon as breakfast was over, the wind was up and we hoisted the mid-weight spinnaker -the first time we'd seen it up since Leg 1!  It was great to be spinny sailing again and lovely to be out of our Oilies too. I'd have been happy sailing straight past Geraldton to just keep going out on the Ocean!
At lunch time I developed a problem with my sinuses – which were congested and giving me lots of pain and spent most of the day going to bed, which made me feel better, so then getting up to have to go back to bed again!   My mind was taken off my troubles by the now familiar sound (for us RTW-ers anyway) of the strop on spinnaker sheet going 'pop'. The mid-weight reluctantly came down and begged to be re-packed and flown again – which we did in record time! The wind then dropped so we dropped it again!  For good measure we then put the heavyweight up when the wind picked up later but had to drop it when the wind changed and we couldn't make our course!  With all that hard-graft no-one could argue today that because we weren't technically racing we weren't trying our utmost to get to Oz asap!