Leg 3 Day 3 – December 3rd

Night watch last night was cold. Extra layers were added – to the point where it took me twice as long and most of my patience to get my Foulie jacket on and off over the top of it all.  We were by no means at our coldest point of the race, so how I would cope in 10 – 15 degrees less I don't know! I may have to buy a jacket 2 sizes bigger!

The wind dropped again during the day and the yankee 1 – the biggest and heaviest of the foresails went up. We learnt how to trim the sail from the helm – again in an effort to make the most efficient use of the wind in order to keep our speed up. Our target for this leg is to maintain an average speed of 8.5 knots or more. At the moment we are fighting our way around a high pressure system so that might be a tall order but after such a long, frustrating wait in port we are chomping at the bit to do our best!

We had a small wildlife highlight today – a sighting of a whale off to starboard. I managed to get one very distant wobbly shot of it on video but according to the description of those that saw it, I reckon it was a Southern Right whale – so called because they were the 'right' whale to hunt.  They are slow swimmers, inquisitive so not afraid to approach boats and float when dead. Perfect for whale hunters. You had to feel sorry for them!