Thurs 29th  Race 3 Day 3

After a long day, a late finish and no sleep I started the day feeling decidedly below par. My whole body aches and I feel like I can do nothing other than be on watch and go straight to my bunk during off-watch.  I'm engineer today with Katy so we need to do the boat logs, the cleaning, the engine checks and check and pump all the bilges. I'm getting phobic about my bunk and the dampness underneath it too. Anything that falls down the gap between bunk and wall gets wet – and as that's exactly where I end up sleeping due to the angle of the boat , it's not pleasant.  Charlie – who is on the opposite watch takes pity on me and says I can kip in her bunk this afternoon during off-watch.  That helps!  But by the end of everyone up watch when we do all our engineering duties – there is loads of water to be got rid-of – I'm completely exhausted. I realise part of my problem is that I had quite a knock on the first day and bruised my ribs and stomach muscles.  I thought nothing of it initially but the route of my aches definitely comes from that. My lack of sleep means I'm not dealing with it well. Piers takes pity on me and orders me to bed for the whole night to catch-up on sleep, saying I've done enough work over the last 36 hours to have 3 days off! Lots of kind offers to for loan of bunks come flooding in but I decide to experiment and use my dry bags as bolster cushions to keep me off the wall in my bunk and away from the damp. It looks quite comfy!
The better news is that we are now in 8th place and looking good!.