We were told we had to be up and clear of the boat by 9am so the repairs could start early. We were all packed up like refugees and then had a frustrating morning of hanging around while we waited to be told where our new accommodation was. Late morning Joff got us together to tell us where we were being put up. He also informed us that Cork would be leaving that Friday as their repairs were easier and already coming along well.  He was still hopeful that we'd be away in a week’s time – however that did make arriving in Oz in time for Christmas questionable. Best case scenario would be an arrival date of 23rd, worst case would be Christmas at sea.  As there were spare berths available on Cork and many crew had family and other commitments at Christmas, everyone was given the option of leaving with the Cork yacht on Friday. It was a proposition no-one was comfortable with.  We were a team and that team was Hull & Humber.  On the other hand there were many pressures from family and loved ones and commitments of previously booked flights etc that had to be considered.  We were advised to go away and think about it and let Joff know by the following morning.

It was with very mixed feelings that I left the yacht club. We were told that it wouldn't even be practical to do work on the boat while the repairs were underway so it was better to be well out of the way.  However 'Umber had been my home since August – I was the only person to date that had not spent a night away from her and it felt very strange to be leaving her now – especially in this sorry state. I felt sad and a bit guilty.
However the choice was not mine to make, so we all piled into a couple of taxis and were taken across town to the Dale Court Guest House where there were some apartments adjoining that we were to stay in for the next week.  They were basic but had plenty of space. Albert, Katy, Kirsten, Charlie, Vic and myself were to share one and the boys were split across two others.  I had to admit that it was nice to take clothes out of a dry bag and put them on a shelf – and also to be able to walk down the hall to a working shower and loo – rather than up a pontoon to a club house - and I quickly settled back into the comforts of a 'normal' home.  Katy, Kirsten and I then had the ultimate girlie night in with take-away pizza, ice-creams and a new girlie TV series that Kirsten had downloaded on her PC called “Being Erica”.